For The Perfect Bun, All You Need Is…

September 16, 2010 • Beauty

Parisian-blairI have been cursed(though some would say blessed) with medium-thin, stick straight hair. I love the look of the perfectly proportioned, lady-like ballet bun perched daintily on top on the head, but every time I try to accomplish this look I end up with a lopsided attempt that's more Scary Spice than prima ballerina. 

Watching Gossip Girl last night, Blair's perfect bun was almost mocking me. It was that perfect bun I adored so much but had never been able to master. 

With a pack of bobby pins by my side, I surrendered to the world wide web. More specifically to YouTube where beauty tutorials are popping up more and more frequently. Typing in "The Perfect Bun" will get you many video's but one in particular finally gave me the secret I was looking for.  Two silly sisters showed me that the key to the perfect bun is…..


Shocking, I know. Watch the video and see what putting a sock in your hair can do. Happy styling!


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-Kat Bremhorst


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