Celebrity Style. Wow, You Could Really Use A Makeover!

September 21, 2010 • Celebrity Style


Simona Kogan for Second City Style Magazine

One would think that being a celebrity means being an example to others in the fashion department — dressing well in clothes that fit and don't look overdone, or at least hiring a stylist to help you do it. Not so for these three style challenged A-listers who have time and time again, shown us they really don't know what they're doing in the area of style. In the case of one celeb, trips to the recent New York Fashion Week have still gotten her go-to style nowhere. The second one should remember that she's a celeb, which means she isn't only photographed at movie premieres. She needs to look her best when she's out on the town with her kids, too. Finally, in the case of a third, being the head of a fashion design duo still means nothing for a gorgeous style, because she has none and instead looks like she's trying too hard.

Jessica Simpson
Singer and one-time reality star Jessica Simpson has all the making of a style winner. She was recently a judge at the Project Runway fashion show event at New York Fashion Week and is regulary a fixture at designer Michael Kors' show. She has her own shoe collection and now her own denim collection which is selling out of stores.

Still, that doesn't mean she has a winning style. Simpson often flaunts her problem areas in fashion mistakes rather than fashion revelations. Often, Simpson is seen in too-tight form fitting dresses which just do not hug her in all the right places. She did so when she wore a denim dress to her own fashion bash and a little red number at a Dior beauty luncheon for her charity. While we do appreciate her effort to show off her curves, she shouldn't be doing it this way. If she's not wearing something that harpers on her hips, she's wearing an overdone print maxi dress (often in an animal print) with a denim jacket, which makes her look white trash instead of top notch. It doesn't help that she always has a huge mismatched print bag to boot – in this case it was a gawdy leopard.

What We'd Like To See: The entertainer is a short girl, who has hips and breasts to boot. A girl who is not super thin should flaunt her assets of course, but she shouldn't think she can get away in anything. Simpson needs to trade in her Daisy Duxes for some nice enlongated trousers and perhaps a structured trench.

Jennifer Garner
We certainly applaud Ben Affleck's wife Jennifer Garner for getting her body back post-baby and doing it in real people time – as in not going crazy about getting her figure to where it needs to be in a 2 month timespan. But sometimes we still wonder why this self-proclaimed tomboy look like a hit on the red carpet and frumpy off-set. While at night you'll see her in a glam J. Mendel tube dress, by day she'll be flaunting a chambray button down and khaki pants. She'll constantly ditch her Louboutins for sneakers and sweatpants and not a day goes by when you won't see this darling diva shifting her sequined blazer and sleek riding boots for ugly pastel raining boots and a pink top to match. Which by the way, you would all agree is her biggest fashion faux-pas to date!

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