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September 22, 2010 • Fashion


Bonnie J Brown for Second City Style Magazine

September, what a perfect month; it has the outdoor fun of summer without the sweltering heat so the al-fresco concerts, barbeques, festivals and farmers markets that have filled up the past two months are finally enjoyable without having to make frequent trips into an air-conditioned interior. In addition to the pleasant weather, September is also a month that brings two of my favorite things: the U.S. Open and New York Fashion Week. While I’m not lucky enough to actually attend either, my days are filled with reading articles on what’s happening in the sports’ and fashion industries alike. And no designer is better to highlight these much loved September events than Jean Patou, who not only made an impact in the fashion industry and the modern fashion show, but also changed the fashions in women’s tennis.

Jean Patou, a French designer during the early 1900s, began his career, as most during this era did, by opening a dress shop, Maison Perry. However, his career as a dressmaker was short-lived thanks to the German invasion during the First World War.

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