Tim Gunn Airs His “Project” Frustrations, Show Producers Not Happy

September 22, 2010 • Fashion

Tim Gunn

We here at SCS are not exactly shy about our obsession with Tim Gunn. We have always admired his duality in being both compassionately warm and cuttingly brusque. And lately, he's been making headlines outside of the Project Runway realm with his commentaries on certain industry insiders in the fashion biz. In his new book Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work, Gunn was very vocal about how absurd he believed Anna Wintour's elitist behavior to be, citing when she was allegedly carried down steps by a bodyguard during a past Fashion Week and calling the incident "insane." 

But its not his own personal perspectives on other people that has the Project Runway producers up in a tizzy about Gunn these days, its his blatant and public bashing of them! For the past several weeks, Gunn has been posting episode recaps
to his Facebook page, sharing his unfiltered, uncensored thoughts in
ten-minute videos taped all in one single take
. The videos have grown more acidic each week, as Gunn shares the behind-the-scenes
snafus and production disasters that regular viewers never get to see.

Last week, the proverbial stuff hit the fan after the designers were
challenged to make modern-day sportswear inspired by Jackie Kennedy. Gunn articulates his frustration with the show's producers on everything from the challenge concept (a segment
producer, he notes, "basically threw up her hands in frustration with
me") to the winner's prize (the original idea was apparently to make a costume for
Katie Holmes to wear as Jackie in the History Channel biopic The Kennedys, a notion he had other issues with: "I'm still hot and bothered about it!")

The video was suddenly pulled off his Facebook page, seemingly by Lifetime producers. Its little wonder to see why since Gunn also called out executive producers by
name on the video and cites a disorganized production, claiming that
throughout the season, producers had little idea what was going on and
would even send him to the wrong addresses during taping. Sheesh! So will Gunn and his producers be able to play nice for the rest of the taped season? We sure hope so. Because as much as we love the fact that Gunn plays by his own rules, we would hate to see him get the axe because of it. We still love you, Tim!

Article Source: NY Mag

Photo Source: hollywooddame.com

-Alia Rajput

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  1. paul says:

    Tim Gunn isn’t getting any axe. He is the heart of the show.

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