Airing Out Your Abs?: The Situation’s Got You (Semi) Covered

September 23, 2010 • Off-Topic

I'm sure the Jersey Shore's Mike "The Situation" gets so tired lifting up his shirt everywhere he goes to remind onlookers exactly who he is. That's why his paid designing staff The Situation has designed the perfect shirt to keep his relevancy alive! The Situation t-shirt!

The Situation shirt is the perfect amenity to your partying lifestyle: a cotton t-shirt with a plastic window to show off your overworked abs without ever having to lift up your sweaty shirt in a dirty, Jersey nightclub.


We know you're just dying to get one of these. In order to get one, you need to order it through email (probably because this will be one of the biggest hits for Christmas gifts). You can email for your own coveted shirt. Stop waiting! Get them before it's too late (hint: which is never).


-Taneisha Jordan


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