Nine Fall Must-Haves

September 23, 2010 • Fashion


And yes, this is a mandate.

Heatherbelle Bridgeview for Second City Style Magazine

People like to be told what to do. Don’t believe anything else. Ask any editor worth her snuff and she will tell you that despite vague democratic fashion claims, what people really want to hear are the answers that create the holy trinity of fashionable living: what, how much and where. Sure, folks love a good photo shoot with cascading fabrics atop elephants parading through Alice-in-Wonderland-like mazes in exotic locales, but they start taking Ginkoba to commit a magazine’s “do’s” list for the season to their dwindling, postmodern memories. Judge this phenomenon how you may, but even if we want to be ordered about just to disobey, rebel and refuse, we, ladies and gents, are looking for our command.

For fall 2010…

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