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September 28, 2010 • Male Box


Joseph Ungoco for Second City Style Magazine

Spring may conjure up images of Easter egg pastels and bright floral prints for most people, but for March Pisceans like myself, spring has a moody side to it too. This past New York Fashion Week for Spring 2011, more than any other in recent memory, designers seemed to tap into the blustery transition between arctic winter and equatorial springtime for their inspiration.

Light layers promise to carry us through the seasonal transition. Dark hues swirled though the collections like the March winds carrying us gently forward into the brighter hues and patterns of the main spring deliveries that we have come to expect. Even the customarily vivid Custo Barcelona collection was shot through with somber-toned tie dye patterns, ever so slightly dampening the shock value of the feathers featured prominently in the collection. Strategically placed black feathers gave the impression of a phoenix just shaking off the ashes of its rebirth, not quite fully resplendent in its multi-hued plumage – a not-so-subtle metaphor for the American fashion industry as it struggles to break free from the recent recession. Regardless, the collection overall was a delicious reprieve from the play-it-safe offerings of other designers aimed at gun-shy buyers and not fashion editors and creative directors starved for riotous exuberance. Bravo Custo!

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