Opening Ceremony Teams Up with Pendleton and Timberland to Create All-Terrain Shoe

September 28, 2010 • Accessories


We were super excited to hear a few months back that the masterminds behind Pendleton, Timberland and Opening Ceremony were teaming up to come out with a stylish yet durable fall shoe. Now the new style is just about here and they're calling it, the roll-top boot.

Stylistically, the boot reflects the name in that the bottom half is a chunky, all-terrain leather while the top is a soft wool, able to be manipulated and folded down around the ankle. The Opening Ceremony site is currently taking pre-orders for the shoe, which retails for $290, and is marketing it through the power of the creative trifecta. "Bringing together the best of each world: rugged Timberland leather, Pendleton mini-jacquard wool, and the Opening Ceremony touch," reads the description of the roll-over boot.

And while the idea behind the collaboration definitely makes sense, we're just wondering if the finished product can really be considered fashionable. What do you think of the Pendleton meets Opening Ceremony x Timberland roll-over boot—cute or clodhoppers???


The rollover boot by Pendleton meets Opening Ceremony x Timberland

Article and Photo Source: Opening Ceremony New News

-Alia Rajput

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