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September 29, 2010 • Beauty


OK, so maybe you don't find villains beautiful, but you might find something to love in M•A•C Cosmetics' Venomous Villains Collections. Vampy devilish divas always manage to cast a spell over everyone they meet, right? So why not do the same?  In the spirit of the unabashedly cunning seductress, M•A•C Cosmetics has collaborated with Disney to create four separate color collections that pay homage to a cast of characters who aren’t shy about being very, very bad.

First, there’s the incomparable Cruella De Vil, the infamous London heiress hell-bent on obtaining one very couture fur coat; the jealous, aging supermodel that is Snow White’s Evil Queen; Maleficent, a snubbed evil fairy whose vengeance put
Sleeping Beauty to bed without supper; and the newer and equally devious Dr. Facilier, a hip, stylish voodoo king with a thing for frogs. Featuring a palette of pearlescent blacks, royal plums and rosy reds, you wouldn’t dare turn them
down. It’s absolutely wicked.


VenomousVillains-Cruella-Lipstick-Heartless-72 Q: Tell us about the colour palette and textures you worked with to convey these villains through makeup? Did you reference the villains’ signature colours when developing the makeup shades—for example, many of them wear shades of black and purple.
A: We definitely looked at the characters and considered who they were in terms of their different personalities and attitudes. Cruella De Vil and the Evil Queen have a “real woman” shade palette, so we went with trends we’ve seen recently, such as vibrant red lips. Maleficent is more surreal though—she was pure fantasy for us. That’s where we put in a lot of crazy purples, blackened shades and beautiful pearlized nails. Disney was kind enough to provide us with Pantones of actual colours used when drawing these characters throughout their history, so we were able to know the colours of everything, from the actual shade of Cruella’s lips down to the lining of her coat. These characters share deep, intense powerful shades and strong royal hues.

Q: What is the quintessential villain look?
A: It’s all about strong lips, brows, eyes, with a cheek: It’s pretty full-on makeup that doesn’t focus on one feature, almost in an ’80s redux kind of way. It’s strength, amplified.

Q: We think the new silky Magically Cool Liquid Powders are pretty awesome. Can  VenomousVillains-Maleficent-EMineralizeEyeShadowDUO-SheWhoDa you tell us more about them and how they fit into the collection?
A: We paired this product with Dr. Facilier—he’s a guy who’s into voodoo and this product is all about creating a transformation. It’s a featherlight, silky powder that goes on like a mist and sets or enhances foundation, and at the same time it lends dimensionality on naked skin. The shades are magical and all-encompassing, giving skin a beautiful, luminous effect.

Q: A lot of these Venomous Villains have very strong, powerful brows. What is it about the unique Penultimate Brow Marker that is so fitting for this collection?
A: Absolutely, their brows are a hallmark, and we felt this was the perfect product to underscore that look. It’s a 12-hour, long-wearing product that you can draw in whatever shape you want to frame your face and create a very dramatic look. You can’t make a mistake and it’s been tried and tested backstage. Even though
these are clearly fantasy characters, we had to make the collection wearable for the
everyday woman.

Q: These villains have different personalities and qualities that make them venomous; do you think that women can identify with that?
A: These characters are definitely naughty; they’re not sweet, princess types. These girls aren’t afraid to be mean. But I think people can identify with their naughty sides. This whole collection is about transformation: Even a nice girl may have a naughty side, and she might want to step out and try a new look.

VenomousVillians-EvilQueen-Lipstglass-HotHouse-72 I was able to preview and sample a bit of the line and my personal favorites are:

Cruela De Vil Eye Shadow in Sweet Joy Frosted which is creamy pale gold (Frost) $15.50

Evil Queen Eye Shadow in Vile Violet Deep which is a dirty blue purple (Matte) $15.50

Evil Queen Lipstick in Sinister Soft which is a brown plum (Lustre) $15.50

Dr. Facilier Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun Sheer bronze shimmer that reflects gold $29.50

Dr. Facilier Greasepaint Stick in French Quarter Dirty black green with multi-colour pearl which makes a beautiful smokey eye $17.50

Find your own wicked favorites! It's fun to be an adult and kid all at the same time!

Available September 30, 2010 through October 2010


– Lauren Dimet Waters

FTC Disclosure: Product Samples Received for Review.

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