Ask The Bean: Walking Tall

October 1, 2010 • Magazine

Ask The Bean: Walking Tall

Ask The Bean: Walking Tall

Sun, 2000-10-01 07:00

Dear Bean,
I love to wear sky-high platforms, but I just got a job where I need to walk to and from the train for several blocks to get to work. I really don’t want to change my shoes into flats. Besides, only three people will see me in the office, and everyone will see me on the street! I am willing to take it down a few inches, but need help finding cool, high walking shoes. 
Walking Tall 

Dear Walking Tall,

This season’s shoe surprises couldn’t have come at a better time for you. After months of rocket-high platforms, the gentle kitten heel is back, and though it may seem like a complete downgrade in heel-amp, it is assured to deliver. Remember, confidence exudes in how you rock the shoe, not solely by poking your head above others in a crowd. This may be a hard trend to grasp and may take a long — REALLY long — time getting used to, but if done correctly, you will have heads turn back and stare (even if their eyes graze the top of your head).

The kitten heel, a miniature heel that raises you only a couple inches, is an easy transition one in your position can make. You don’t want to totally give up that click-click-clank for a pair of flats, but also want to stop waking up with sore calves and busted toes from a mile-long hike to work at five-inch inclines. Don’t think for a second since the heel downsizes, that the creativity and chic-factor get trimmed as well. It’s actually the complete opposite. Now is the time to encourage loud, bold distractions with quirky prints and unforgettable cuts. A simple taupe colored shoe, however, can also do the trick completing the look of a black, skinny trouser and a loose-fitted, white-button down. Bedazzle yourself in gems and your workday awaits you!

A median between the sky-high footwear and the shy cut back is the heeled clog. You have to be the judge depending on your occupational setting, but underneath the hem of any pant can hide the fact that they’re slip-on (Shh!). If you’re not a good liar, have a pair of opaque tights make its way into a black, suede pair of the slip-on shoe, throw on a neutral-hued dress and top it off with a distressed blazer. You can also look into a closed-toe wedge that hugs your ankles with a zipper drawn down the back. My theory is that if there is a platform to base your pretty, little toes on that offsets that major arc, comfort is a given. This takes some serious searching, finding the right shoe and all. Hopefully it won’t take any hopping and jumping around in stores to find the right pair, but it’s totally understandable if that’s the route you take.

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2. Sigerson Morrison Buckled Suede Pumps $550
3. Diane Von Furstenberg Suede Clogs $295
5. DKNY Aura Wedge Suede Ankle Boots $285

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