Bad Judgement Du Jour. Scott Disick’s Clothing Line???

October 6, 2010 • Fashion

Scott "D-bag" Disick and Kourtney Kardashian

Ick, ick and double ick. Racked NY has blown the lid off the New York location of Dash, the latest boutique by the Kardashian trifecta. But that's not what has struggling to keep our morning lattes down. Apparently, Kardashian sister Kourtney wrote on her official site that her oily beau hunk Scott Disick, (beloved by none and loathed by most), is starting to get in on the designer role playing game. Kourtney wrote in regards to US Weekly naming her and Disick on the "Top 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers" list, "We love fashion and are so happy to be part of the list. Scott has a clothing line in the works which he is so excited be working on." Say it isn't so! 

US Weekly went on to say Disck's expected clothing line will be "inspired by the looks of Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford." Give me a break. What will it be called, D-bags Unlimited? The only thing we pretty much no for sure is that once Scott is turned out anything resembling a fashion line, he'll do his best to worm his way into the new Dash location—and all the pomp and glitter that goes with it. And if so, we will make sure to do our best to ridicule everything that he comes up with. Deal!

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