October 6, 2010 • Accessories, Social Media

Kate and Cher

You wish you could have your friends shopping advice every time to buy clothing or jewelry. Now you can get them any time through social networking! A new website called is appealing to that new, rising demographic. This is the newest venture from celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter, and movie star Kate Bosworth.

For a $30 membership, subscribers can pick one piece every month from their personalized showroom and then use JewelMint's FaceBook and Twitter to get their friends in on the fun. The personalized showroom is matched according to their style profile. 

“Cher and I could not be more excited about JewelMint! It is a natural extension of our friendship, our creative relationship, and our love of fashion,” said Bosworth on this new kind of shopping experience. 

Check it out and see what your friends are already picking out for you!

-Taneisha Jordan

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One Response to Debuts!

  1. Kelly says:

    To be honest, the only time I’d want a friend to tell me their opinion on jewelry is if I was going to a black-tie affair…and even then, as with clothes, it’s a personal choice. Who cares what others think? And Kate Bosworth is not someone I’d pick to be the face of a product…she’s hardly done anything to back up her credibility.
    The e-commerce site makes you sign up first, doesn’t show you product and if you hate something you can’t look for other products. You’re stuck until next month! Even some of the items I’ve seen and liked I may not get and won’t be able to search for or purchase.
    I’m more of a fan of Send the Trend, which is an e-commerce site for accessories as well, though it’s fronted by a fashion icon, Christian Siriano. He knows what’s up, he’s adorable and he’s IN fashion. The products include free shipping and membership is free. You do not have to buy a product at all! Much better than this odd site.

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