Ask The Bean: Walking Tall

October 7, 2010 • Fashion


Dear Bean,
I love to wear sky-high platforms, but I just got a job where I need to walk to and from the train for several blocks to get to work. I really don't want to change my shoes into flats. Besides, only three people will see me in the office, and everyone will see me on the street! I am willing to take it down a few inches, but need help finding cool, high walking shoes. 
Walking Tall 

Dear Walking Tall,

This season’s shoe surprises couldn’t have come at a better time for you. After months of rocket-high platforms, the gentle kitten heel is back, and though it may seem like a complete downgrade in heel-amp, it is assured to deliver. Remember, confidence exudes in how you rock the shoe, not solely by poking your head above others in a crowd. This may be a hard trend to grasp and may take a long — REALLY long — time getting used to, but if done correctly, you will have heads turn back and stare (even if their eyes graze the top of your head).

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