Our Picks For The Top 10 Fashion & Beauty Abominations

October 7, 2010 • Beauty, Fashion


Since fashion and beauty trends keep recycling we thought it prudent to make our case for some we hoped would NEVER come back. Some already have and some we just know will rear their ugly heads again. Bit of advice? Avoid these or risk looking like a fashion victim extraordinaire. Here they are in no particular order…they are all equally bad.

1. Crocs
I have said time and time again if you are over the age of 7, these are not cute. They are plastic and they are appalling. On adults Crocs are inexcusable.

2. Mullets
All business in front and a party in the back? Um, no thanks. Even Billy Ray got rid of his.

3. Acid Washed Jeans
We nearly died when we saw these again. Having seen acid washed jeans the first incarnation you literally need to be dropping acid to think these look good.

4. Hammer Pants
When you are walking and can feel your thighs touch and you are wearing pants…it's not good. Normally that's called a skirt. Let's face it. There isn't a man on this earth (OK a straight man) who thinks these look good. Seriously.

5. Mall Bangs
You know the type of bangs I mean right? The kind the Whitesnake groupies used to sport hanging out at the mall in the 80's? I think you just tease them up and spray a year's worth of hairspray on them to get them to defy gravity. It's revolting from the front and hideous from the back (there is no party or business).

6. Liner Darker Than Lipstick
This look is just so repolsive. There are no words. I just find myself staring at it…in utter amazement.

7. Fanny Packs
I see these are coming back and all I can think is "Lord, good Lord, why???" I might understand if you are backpacking around Europe and staying at youth hostels possibly needing one. But seriously, what fashionista worth her title would do that? We sleep in hotels.

8. White Athletic Shoes With Suits
We have made so much fun of this look it's amazing anyone still does it. It was never in, it's hideous and sad…buy some black flats and call it a day. Oh and men who do this are losers. Period.

9. Bleach Blonde Eyebrows
Why would you chose to look like an alien? This beauty trend is disturbing.

10. Exposed Midriffs
I don't care if you have ripped abs, after the age of 25, nobody wants to see this or your belly ring.

Did we leave any out? If so, let us know.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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4 Responses to Our Picks For The Top 10 Fashion & Beauty Abominations

  1. Joan says:

    Great list – the only thing that you overlooked is acrylic nails – unless of course you are biding time as a stripper until you get your real job

  2. Lauren-Second City Style says:

    I totally forgot about acrylic nails! Good one. They are especially horrid when they are in desperate need of being refilled. Ew.

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