WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

October 8, 2010 • Celebrity Style

Alex McCord at a charity function in New York

Comment: Alex McCord's truly believes she's a celebrity.  And while whether or not she actually is is debatable, it's fair to say she has earned the right to have a stylist. So why does it look like the 'Real Housewife' is still dressing herself like an amateur? A drapey, bulky, unflattering top made of accordion pleats and bulky black pants in not a movie star look. Its not a tv star look. Its not even a, dare we say it, a reality tv star look.

She's Thinking: In case anyone gets warm they can just use me as a fan!

Kanye West at a movie screening in Tokyo

Comment: There's no question we love Kanye for hid devil-may-care attitdue and adjoining sense of style. Neon? Bring it. Crazy sunglasses? Fine by us. But a superfluously low T coupled with piles and piles of mixed metal and leather pants? If its possible for Kanye to be susceptible to overkill, this is definitely it.

He's Thinking: This is Kanye, 2.0.

Rihanna at Paris Fashion Week in Paris

Comment: Always the ever-loving envelope pusher, Rihanna has offered up her fair share of both trend-setting and cringe-worthy looks. At Paris Fashion Week, seemingly everything is fair game, including this socks with pumps trend she keeps trying to promote. I saw one look of her sporting the sock and heel style with a bouncy white tulle skirt and the look actually worked. But this—an awkward and matronly skirt length which is much too long to begin with, paired with bridesmaid reject Dyeables? Sorry honey, that's just fug.

She's Thinking: Ce'st la vie!

Tyra Banks at the Roberto Cavalli party in Paris

Comment: Another questionable style choice made in Paris comes courtesy of Top Model Mama, Tyra. At the 40th Anniversary party for Roberto Cavalli, beautiful women from around the world pulled out all the stops in dazzling ball gowns and sexy sheaths. And Tyra could have easily trumped most of them if she had chosen a look that didn't liken her to a Ringling Brother. Sure she's paying homage with Cavalli's signature snakeskin print, but really? A jumpsuit that looks like it belonged to MC Hammer topped off with an ill-fitting tuxedo jacket and cage heels. Now, that's just poor taste.

She's Thinking: Jay Manuel had the night off!

Photo Source: wireimage

-Alia Rajput


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