Chicago Beauty Events. Tomorow! Meet Perfume Guru Fabrice Penot at Barneys.

October 13, 2010 • Beauty, Events


Hey Chicago, we've got a special treat for you! Barneys New York, Chicago (15 East Oak Street) invites you to meet Fabrice Penot, co-creator of NYC “cult based”  perfume brand, Le Labo, on Thursday October 14th for the exclusive launch of his newest scent, Baie Rose 26.

The new scent, exclusive to Chicago, reinvents the pimento berries to knock you off with straight elegance, an endless wake and unique signature. Pimento berries are reinforced with clove and pepper, winking left and right to some cedar and aldehyde, while walking up the aisle to get married with the eternal rose absolute from Grasse.

Fabrice Penot's story behind this fragrance refers to music, jazz music in particular, as an homage to Chicago. For many people, Chicago still evokes the Prohibition-era, the decadence of the speakeasies filled with gangsters and pretty ladies, enjoying jazz music, smoking and sipping martinis until dawn.

Keeping that in mind, Penot wanted to focus on the uplifting rhythm of jazz in creating Baie Rose 26. There is a direct correlation between the sharp pimento berries and some of the more upbeat sounds of jazz, the soft back representing the simpler, soothing side of the music. Either way, the uplifting effect of the music seems to carry you away, the same way the music of the spices, aldehyde and musk playing with the pimento berries, brings your spirit away. The same way the great lake wind does when you walk on the streets of our great city!

Meet perfeumer Fabrice Penot and try out the elegant new scent, Baie Rose 26, on Thursday, October 14th at Barneys New York at 15 East Oak Street! See you there!

Article and Photo Source: Barneys New York, Le Labo

-Alia Rajput

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