Steve Starr’s Book Launch at Rumba.

October 13, 2010 • Events


Steve starr_signing_Yen_Le_Second_City_Style 004

Steve signing away on this new book.

For once, all lenses were on Steve Starr that night as we all celebrated his latest book – Starrlight: Glamorous Latin Movie Stars of Early Hollywood. His chronological account of the silver screen beauties that use to and still, capture the world with their charm and beauty. His intimate portrayal of the Latina movie stars covers their scintillating personal lives, their adversity in the harsh film industry, and rare images of the starlets at their finest.

A sneak peek of the snapshots in the book were shown throughout Rumba on their flat screen television. Ever so often, a patron would look up and nod appreciatively at a smiling Rita Hayworth or dazzling pose from Carmen Miranda. Two of the five amazing women that Steve cover in his book – the others include Maria Montez, Lupe Velez, and Dolores Del Rio.

Steve StarrModel Victoria Badillo Muoz_Yen_Le_Second_City_StyleSTARRLIGHT Book Launch 10-10-10   by Steve Starr 120 

Guest Book Model Victoria Badillo Muoz

Even the venue was a nod to the old Hollywood standard of glamour. Walking into Rumba last Sunday was like walking into a secret Mambo club in Havana where only the most intriguing and beautiful clientèle would show up to lounge and dance the night away. The sultry elements of beaded Moroccan light fixtures, rich heavy tapestries, and plush oval booths intensified the feeling of seclusion from the modern world.

Tango at Starrlight_Steve_Starr_Book_Launch_Yen_Le_Second_City_Style
Tango performed by Daniel Noce and Ramona Nita Photo by Joseph Pape

Steve Starr_guest_STARRLIGHT Book Launch 10-10-10   by Steve Starr 075


A live band was present that night called Los Tropicanos, gently swayed the crowd with their exotic salsa beats. They even had a uniforms of white dinner jackets and slick back pompadours. Waiters on the other hand had on an opposite attire of black tuxes and ties while serving up savory treats like pipping hot empanadas, tender Jerk Chicken Palillos skewers, and creamy capped mushroom for the hungry masses.

Steve Starr_greeters_Yen_Le_Second_City_Style_ STARRLIGHT Book Launch 10-10-10   by Steve Starr

Greeter Hosts Enrique Hank Vela, Luis Velasquez, and Christian Garcia

Steve, the man of the hour, had on his usual ensemble of a sharp black blazer with his trusty camera looped securely around his neck. He's always ready to snap a picture or lure a smile out of someone with a clever antidote or a flattering compliment. It's a real treat to watch Steve work a room since he does it so effortlessly. He stand out against the rest of the photographers with his iconic style and easy rapport with his muses. No wonder his career has span decades and his roster of clients are filled with so many famous faces

Steve Starr_happy_Yen_Le_Second_City_Style_ STARRLIGHT Book Launch 10-10-10   by Steve Starr 035

Mistress of Ceremonies Diana Palomar Scott Vice President Community Affiars ABC 7 with Steve Starr.

Steve starr_cake_Yen_Le_Second_City_Style_ 010

 Krazy Kake House creation.

At the end the evening, we were all so joyous and giddy to have shared so many memories of him that night and to celebrate a wonderful book that will now become a part of his legacy. Old Hollywood, with all its glitz and glamour, was resurrected successfully for our gathering to commemorate Steve and his five lovely Latina ladies that he captured so ethereally in photos. After many years of asking clients, friends, and family if they were ready for their close-up – Steve was finally ready for his.

-Yen Le

Photos: Steve Starr, Joseph Pape, & Second City Style

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