Undercover Shop Cops: Second City Edition

October 13, 2010 • Fashion, Shop Cops

If you want to catch the big fashion crime lords and catch the ones on top of the food chain, then one must go undercover. It's a very tough gig but someone's gotta do it and I've risked life and limb to bring you the most incriminating dirt from the underbelly. I relished every minute of the chase and the ultimate take down of style-less criminals!

As a disclaimer, these images are definitely not for the ones with a weak heart so prepare yourself thoroughly. All pictures feature real people that live in Chicago and none of the images have been altered (except for the eyes) to protect the innocent since they are all so guilty of the style crimes they've committed.

  Lady_of_the_night_Yen_Le_Second_City_Style 002

SC 06 232010: This girl was caught violating her probation for possessing a large quantity of painted on clothing. She was doing so well but those jeggings  were calling her name a little bit too loudly this morning! 

Dress_up_Yen_Le_Second_City_StyleSC 06 232010: The Perp with the blue jumpsuit and yellow heels was convicted for petty theft. She should know better to steal her mama's clothing without permission!


SC 06 232010: This outfit was cruel and unusual punishment for my eyes! This painful mashing of too small for you shorts and top was an injustice to style that no one should ever suffer through!


SC 06 232010: The dangerous offender should not have been released back into society for wearing that leather garter outside of her floor-length green skirt. What a a travesty!

My first mug shot!

SC 06 232010: My undercover disguise. What do you think? Am I conspicuos enough?

-Yen Le


Photos: Second City Style

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