Celebrity Style: Mismatched Prints, Textures, and Colors

October 15, 2010 • Celebrity Style

It's extremely difficult to pull off the mismatched look and do it well, but perhaps that's why most of us wouldn't even bother trying to work this look.  Not so, for celebs, who often have stylists on hand to show them what works.  Ironically, though, it's only the extremely fashion-savvy ones (or the ones that are prone to risk-taking and deviating from the norm, a la Lady Gaga) who actually do this look and do it well. 

Veronica Etro, head of the Etro label, told Instyle.com that the way to make mismatched prints work is to "pair a bold, decorative pattern, such as loud floras, with a geometric one, like clean polka dots, that's smaller in sclae, so they're not competing for attention too much."  But also make sure to choose separates in complementary colors from the same tonal family. 

Celebs are going above and beyond on this trend but not only mismatching prints but mismatching colors and mismatching textures (like blue with red or feathers with silk.)

Below, the queens of the mismatched scene.

Keira Knightley: Mismatched Prints


I thought Sienna Miller was the Brit with the most punchy panache when it comes to style, and Keira Knightley was its darling, but it looks like Miller's got some stiff competition in the form of a true blue trendsetter. Knightley pairs a textured lace shirt with a Peter Pan collar and a patterned blue and white skirt. 

Olivia Palermo: Mismatched Textures


Olivia is by far more daring than some of her celeb counterparts. While she does wear brand names like they do, you'll always see her in a uber-stylish patterned cardigan or purple heels and when you do, the looks always work. That's why Palermo is one of the few socialities that can actually pull off the mismatched look.  Here she proves with a silk pink tulip skirt, a feathered top and a sheer gray jacket that most people would never be able to wear together.

Rihanna: Mismatched Colors


Rihanna has definitely done it all–from stripes to florals to ankle socks to bows to graphic prints and sharp shoulders. Here is one of her toned down looks, if you can believe that and yet, the colors are all mismatched. Orange pants, purple cropped top, gold shoes–and all of them clashing with her bright red hair! Yet somehow she makes it look so chic!

Photos: People.com

–Simona Kogan

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