Overcoming the 3oz. Limit!

October 18, 2010 • Beauty

Picture 4 There are few things more impressive than a woman that laughs at the suggestion of checking a bag at the airport and instead somehow manages to pack an entire three-day wardrobe (with shoes!) into one measly carry-on. Unfortunately, newer airline rules have challenged even the most brilliant packers with the 3 fluid ounces limit rule. 

Of course you can always find those cheap shampoos in a tiny bottle, but what about our designer hair products and our favorite body wash that comes in a huge, adorned bottle?

Here comes 3floz.com, a site that brings together all our favorite products that come in that much searched for, 3 oz. size. Although these products are made for travel, this is also great for people who want to try smaller versions of pricey products before they commit. 

With free shipping on orders of $100, stock up on all your mini-toiletries with a few new products to test. Also, while you're packing up that single carry-on, be sure to throw some tips my way.

-Kat Bremhorst

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