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October 19, 2010 • Accessories

Meatcuff Meatnecklace

It was bound to happen.

Onch Movement, an LA based jewelry label, has decided that they would take on the task of turning Lady GaGa's meat dress idea into some meaty accessories. 

The Meat-Lace is now a necklace of a what seems to be a pork tenderloin and and the Meat-Cuff bracelet. But don't fear! It's not real meat. You can wear it everyday without worrying what time you would have to make it home to fry it for dinner. 

"The MEAT-LACE is guaranteed to never spoil! No matter how many times you wear it, the MEAT-LACE will look just as fresh and delicious as the day it was first cut. Need to add flavor to an outfit? Grab a slab and some attention with the MEAT-LACE, perfect for any occasion."

You can get both for $55 each at the Onch Movement website. You know,… if you want to be hungry all day.

-Taneisha Jordan

Source: Racked
Photos: Onch Movement


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