Retail Detail. Macy’s Gets In On Fast Fashion

October 21, 2010 • Shopping

Kinder Aggugini will create the first fast fashion line for Macy's

So Macy's has decided to get a piece of the fast fashion pie. After the tremendous success od retailers like H&M, Gap and Target in their designer fast fashion collaborations, Macy's has decided it's been holding out long enough. The retail giant will announce today its plans to carry a series of limited-edition designer collections, beginning in February.

Each collection will be available for about two months, until the next collaboration is announced. The first is by Kinder Aggugini, an emerging talent from London who is virtually unknown in the United States, where his clothes are only sold at If in New York and right here at Ikram in Chicago. The Kinder Aggugini collection for Macy’s, which will be sold at about 250 locations, will cost $50 to $300 and is geared toward younger customers who shop in the Macy's Impulse departments. “This customer loves to shop,” said Jeff Gennette, chief merchandising officer of Macy’s. “She wants to be in our store all the time, and we’d better be interesting.”

Aggugini's aesthetic is a sort of juxtaposition between decadent refinement and punk rock, claiming he started his label about four years ago based on his fantasy of what a marriage between Coco Chanel and Sex Pistols' Sid Vicious might look like. Hmmm….. Aggugini told The New York Times that when Nicole Fischelis, the fashion director of Macy’s, approached him, he thought there had been a mistake. “I thought maybe they wanted me to go to the parade,” he said. “I thought, ‘Oh, there’s going to be a Kinder balloon!’ ”

Keep an eye out for Aggugini's premiere collection for Macy's, including silk draped dresses and leather military jackets, come February.


Article and Photo Source: The New York Times

-Alia Rajput


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