Project Runway Season 8 Episode 13: Finale, Part 1. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode

October 22, 2010 • Lifestyle


In last night’s episode of Project Runway Tim Gunn hit the road to visit the four remaining designers who have had four weeks to begin working on their final 10 piece collections. These roadtrip-esque episodes are always the most entertaining for the lone fact that Tim Gunn is thrown out of his element. No longer is he in the safety of a New York City design studio, but instead he is subject to hideous scaly Chinese catfish, growling pit bulls and curious families. But he pulls it off so well and gets the designers moving in the right direction.
In the vain to keep things short and sweet, I will briefly summarize what Tim saw on his visits with each designer. Andy: Surf and sun in Oahu, Hawaii, supportive family, Buddha Park inspiration for his yet to even begin collection, except for a few odd head pieces. Tim is concerned. Michael C: Palm Springs, Florida, family wishes for Michael C. to be married with children, not gay, single and a fashion designer. Inspired by the skyline and feathers, his collection seems more a mash-up of different pieces united by the same rusty color. Tim is concerned. Mondo: Denver, Colorado, Mexican-Catholic family wished for a macho son, but accepts Mondo as he is. His inspiration is a bit creepy, mixing John Gacy and the Day of the Dead…Tim is intrigued. Gretchen: Portland, Oregon, Gretchen who's newly broken up with her boyfriend is embarrassed to have him see her empty and depressing home. Inspiration comes from, you guessed it, the rural west. Tim was satisfied.

Finally back in New York the designers were faced with another challenge; create one last piece that will round out the collection. The last piece would be shown along with two other pieces in order for the judges to make the final elimination.



Mondo is obviously in and if he doesn’t win the whole thing I will be a bit disappointed. His collection is the only one that has any life and drama to it, although the judges are concerned he may go a bit too far over the top and will not be taken seriously, a problem he’s had from the very beginning of the show. Gretchen is also in, even though she wore a ridiculous orange court jester/page boy get-up on top of the fact that the judges are concerned for her as well, but for a completely different reason. Unlike Mondo, Gretchen doesn’t have enough drama or pizzazz for a runway show, but they’re willing to give her a chance to ramp up her collection.

Michael C., "You are out!"

It’s a pretty close draw between Andy, who is looking very ‘Last of the Mohicans’ with his long Mohawk, and Michael C. But ultimately Andy is chosen to be the last designer to show during New York Fashion Week. Even though his three garments that he picked to show the designers weren’t impressive, he has enough talent that the judges want to see a bit more. That means that Michael C. is out and his devastation could not have been more profound. His reaction was more like he found out a relative had passed away than he was ejected from a competition. I almost felt bad for him, but didn’t since I don’t think he actually shed one real tear. I felt more embarrassed for him than anything, so see ya Michael C., but not on the runway.

Memorable Quotes:
"Eww, I’ve never seen a Chinese man look that unattractive." —Tim Gunn
"It’s like design diarrhea." —Tim Gunn
"It says teen pajamas to me." —Tim Gunn
"Mondo wouldn’t be Mondo without Flotsam and Jetsam around him." —Tim Gunn
"Michael Costello, don’t choke." —Tim Gunn
"And she’s got the cupcake hat." —Michael Kors
"Do I give you all the goodies today?" —Andy
"What you leave out is as important as what you put in." —Michael Kors
"My interest was not peaked." —Nina Garcia
"It seems a little crunchy granola." —Nina Garcia
"I’m wondering where are the Birkenstocks?" —Nina Garcia
"Do you think it would be a granola festival?" —Heidi Klum
"I think there is nothing wrong with granola but it needs to be fashion show granola." —Michael Kors

"It looks like the girls all went to a crazy Polynesian party and shoved all of this stuff in there hair." Michael Kors

"I just hope, honestly, that the circus doesn’t come to town." Michael Kors
"He thinks if you add beads and feathers and sequins it’s a show; yah, it’s a show girl." Michael Kors

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—Bonnie J Brown
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  1. Lauren-Second City Style says:

    I know Michael C. screwed himself by thinking the same color meant a collection, but personally I still wanted to see his collection on the runway. More for the fact that I find his aesthetic beautiful and I always route for a dark horse. I’m so over Gretchen and her designs were ugly. Sorry. Andy’s were even MORE hideous. I thought one of those two should have been aufed.

  2. Susan says:

    Nina’s interest was not piqued.

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