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October 26, 2010 • Fashion


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The fashion website just moved to Fairchild Group after being dropped from Conde Nast. Some are even thinking that this move could be signaling the end but insiders are saying that should have nothing to worry about. "Condé Nast insiders have wondered in recent months if would follow the same fate as, which was folded last year into," according to WWD. "Like, served as the Web home for men’s magazines GQ and Details. But as each of those brands got their own sites, it has followed a trend where Condé Nast has given more and more power to individual brands to control their own digital destinies." brought up a good point of starting up a subscription charge. Since the shift to Fairchild will align itself more closely with W and, which both have a subscription fee, it would make sense that. "While it’s still sold as a consumer property, the industry uses its fashion show database as a library. What’s more, several of Style’s staffers–including executive editor Nicole Phelps and writer Meenal Mistry–hail from WWD… It’s doubtful that a pay wall will come into play, but if it did, we do believe users would pay $25 to $50 per year to access the database." 

On the upcoming reality show front, it seems as if they've decided on the name for the series: North of Madison. And rumor has it that the producers have been sending out emails asking twenty-something women "who express their love and hate for current trends via any legitimate outlet" to send in applications for the show. Could it be that female reporter/love interest they are still looking for to play opposite party reporter Darrell Hartman? And most importantly this begs the question… where is SCS's email?!?

-Taneisha Jordan

Source: WWD; Fashionista; Refinery 29
Photo: WWD


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