Anna Wintour is Kinda Funny

October 28, 2010 • Fashion


With this economy, Anna Wintour's advice might not be too hard. 

Over the weekend, Teen Vogue held its annual Fashion University for aspiring fashion individuals in New York. Ms. Wintour gave a seminar where she did not hold back her tongue.

Some highlights is that apparently models have no personality. Girls that get paid to just look good for a living  don't have a personality? Color me shocked. "Gisele Bundchen, along with Kate Moss, is a phenomenon. I wish models knew they have to have a personality."  

And on losing jobs and that you should do it more often. "I worked for American Harper's Bazaar . . . they fired me. I recommend that you all get fired, it's a great learning experience." Really now? So can I work at Vogue for a day or two so I can learn this valuable lesson? I doubt it would go so smoothly though.

-Taneisha Jordan

Source: Fashionologie


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