Off-Topic: Who Likes Meat This Much?!

October 28, 2010 • Off-Topic



This is the trend that won't die …but will continue to smell like it is.

Remember when we brought you the Lady GaGa meat jewelry concept? Well, someone has taken the idea the whole nine yards and actually made an entire meat ensemble.  

Workers from the Old Homestead Steakhouse came up with the idea of remaking the outfit. After a test run of just flank steak, workers of the steakhouse thought it looked tacky so they decided on using better cuts of meat, including a vestment made of porterhouse, leggings from rib eye and kobe beef boots, all USDA prime.

"It smells so good," said Mery Lopez , a waitress-turned-model who ran around the street in this getup posed in the ensemble. "It's heavy, but not that much."

If you've got $100,000 to blow on meat on carrying around 85 pounds of slowly decaying meat, then you have at it. Just don't plan on taking any kind of public transportation.

-Taneisha Jordan

Source; Photo: NY Daily News


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