You Might Finally Be Able to Breathe Around Abercrombie Now

October 28, 2010 • Fashion

This article is not just a reason to post this picture

If you've ever been walking past an Abercrombie & Fitch store, you easily know the cloud of cologne that chokes you as you're running to make that sale at Banana Republic. That causes you to trip, twist your ankle and thereby, watch from the distance as they lock the doors and you miss that one sale piece you had been eyeing for the last few weeks. No? Just me then? Well, you still know the smell I speak of…

The brand must have finally got the hint. That choking cologne has already hurt business for the Abercrombie in Japan, so they might be rethinking this strategy soon. 

On Friday, Teens Turning Green, a student group that fights to rid the environment of toxic chemicals, will protest the Abercrombie flagship on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue. "We have decided to stand up for our health, and demand a change," president of NYU's Turning Green chapter, Jessica Assaf, says.

Could you imagine? Walking past an Abercrombie store without choking to death? One can only dream…

-Taneisha Jordan

Source: NY Mag


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