Ask The Bean: Jewel Overload

November 2, 2010 • Fashion


Dear Bean,
For so long we have been told to not go overboard on accessories, but I see women glistening from a mile away. Is it the opposite this season? Should I drape myself in accessories? What’s too much? Help!
Jewel Overload

Dear Jewel Overload,

Take the phrase ‘less is more’ and toss it out your chicly draped window, because this season’s trend report wraps around the indulgence of multiple accessories. From several delicate rings on a single, perfectly manicured finger, to the double-shift jeweled bibs hanging around the neckline, women are embracing the grunge-meets-chic method of piling on the ornaments.

This trend crosses one thing off our getting-ready list: which piece of jewelry to wear. Introduce your emerald encrusted owl ring to your elephant ring stampeding with a ravishing ruby hue. For your night out, the two can be civil and play side by side, or rather finger to finger. Go a step further and set their habitat with your golden, multi-leaf necklace.

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One Response to Ask The Bean: Jewel Overload

  1. Lizzie says:

    I think you should really be careful when layering too many pieces of jewelry.
    Some of them can go together very well, but others however will make you look like a christmas tree.
    I think there are 2 major rules that we should consider:
    1. balance of the outfit – don’t overdo it. If your outfit already has embellishments or bows or details I would go softer on the accessories.
    2. go for similar tones gold with gold/ silver with silver.

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