So, Dov Charney Finally Found a Clue?

November 4, 2010 • Fashion


Seriously. This ship hasn't sunk yet? You think people would be getting out while they still can but apparently, these are the stubborn ones who would like to say 'I told you so', …but we all know such a thing will never happen. 

This week, American Apparel finally submitted its second quarter results. They've only been warned numerous times,… so much that the stock exchange threatened to delist them at one point. But with the filing, real fear apparently set in that American Apparel might actually go under (Editor's note: YA THINK?! *facepalm*). Sources tell the NY Post that all of the current money problems stem from CEO Dov Charney. Mr. Brillant has been shooing away outside investors in favor of holding on to his 53 percent share in the company. Charney "wants to wait it out and is hoping the situation improves," one source close to the company told The Post.

One could understand why an investor would not want to deal with a serious business investment with a complete moron. "You could say the stock is way undervalued and a lot of people are interested," according to the source.

And here starts the countdown to the American Apparel liquidation sale…

-Taneisha Jordan

Source: NY Post


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