Wear Your Cravings On Your Sleeve (Or Your Body)

November 4, 2010 • Fashion, Off-Topic

Picnik collage

Before Lady Gaga even could dream of wearing a meat gown, there was a meat pencil skirt. Photographer Ted Sabarese teamed up with models and designers to do a series of outfits constructed out of the foods those models crave the most. An artichoke gown, pasta suit, a baguette frock, waffle pants, and a meat pencil skirt were constructed on the models. Some pieces took up to six hours to create! 


Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault (Project Runway alums) designed the artichoke gown by attaching each leaf individually on the body of a very patient model.  Pasta was woven to make a suit that could barely stay together and french loaves make gorgeous sleeves

If you had a dress made out of the foods you crave what would it be? Let's see if I can get someone to make me a sushi skirt

-Kat Bremhorst

Article & Photo Source: yahoo.com

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  1. Cheska says:

    Very amusing! It was my first time to see a clothes like that. wonderful.

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