Wearing Vintage To Work

November 5, 2010 • Magazine

Wearing Vintage To Work

Wearing Vintage To Work

Sun, 2000-11-05 08:00

Angel Cutsforth

Since this season is 1950’s/early 1960’s inspired (or Mad Men inspired) most high street shops have been selling vintage inspired pieces that you probably could find with a bit of searching in vintage, thrift or consignment stores. What are the top work wear pieces you should be looking for? Read on to find out:

1. The Shift/Wiggle Dress

A classic shape and a great way to get a vintage silhouette, choose a black or deep jewel toned colour since some of the bright colours worn in the past are considered inappropriate for many offices today.

Vintage 50’s 60’s Fitted Black Wiggle Cocktail Mad Men Bombshell Dress $60

2. The Sweater/Cardigan

A round necked cardigan or sweater with embroidered or beaded detailing is the perfect way to give a sweater girl vibe to any outfit. Wear it with a peter pan collared blouse underneath and let the collar peek out over the sweater/cardigan and you’ve got an amazing look.

Pinky Peaches and Cream Pointelle Cardigan $24

3. The Jacket

I’ve got a 1920’s velvet jacket that I wear with a pencil skirt and blouse and it looks modern and gives the vintage vibe I try to go for every day. It also looks professional and a bit different. Try a 1960’s jacket or even a 1980’s blazer… whatever suits your style.

Vintage 1940s SAGE Wool Jacket

4. The Handbag

I use a modern handbag since I carry the world with me, but I do have some gorgeous kiss lock bags that I sometimes use if there is a specific look I’m going for and if I know I don’t need all of the things I carry on a daily basis with me.

1960s English Made Proper Handbag $29.50

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