Signed and Concealed! 6 Of The Best Concealers For Dark Circles

November 7, 2010 • Magazine

Signed and Concealed! 6 Of The Best Concealers For Dark Circles

Signed and Concealed! 6 Of The Best Concealers For Dark Circles

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Kelley Woods

In the world of business owners, daily 9-5 workers, and even stay at home moms, most of us have the inevitable dark circles, bags, lines or wrinkles due to lack of sleep, our age or even just heredity. What gives, when all the eye creams in the world have not managed to banish our under eye conditions?
Well there is one thing that will make our eye problems seem to instantly disappear, and that’s a great concealer. Concealer is the one makeup staple we should all have in our makeup bags at all times. It’s an absolute must for me every morning, as it makes me appear as though I have had 8 hours of sleep, a cup of coffee and a load of energy!
Choosing the right concealer should be chosen according to the texture and shade of your skin. Concealers are available in cream, liquid and solid form. While a stick concealer gives you all around coverage, liquid and cream concealers are best for dry skin. The emollient formula helps combat dryness of the skin. Concealer should be a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, but be careful of going too light if you have dark circles or it can give you raccoon eyes. However, before applying concealer you must apply under eye cream. This not only hydrates your under eye area, but will also help your concealer go on smoothly.
So, now that we have the basics of under eye concealer, let’s go over some of the best concealers for your eye type.
One of my all time favorite concealers is Make Up For Ever’s Lift Concealer. The consistency is amazing, and is best for dry to normal skin, and also for aging skin. It’s not a really heavy concealer, so it may not work for very dark circles, but what’s special about this concealer is that it has skin-firming properties for the eye area and vitamins A and E, which regenerate the skin. Because it’s infused with silicone it is perfect as a concealer to apply over your foundation. It gives your skin a beautiful finish.
For those with darker circles that need a little more coverage, Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer works wonders. This concealer is moisture-rich, super pigmented and its emollient formula is specially designed for the dry, sensitive skin under the eye to conceal discoloration and dark circles. I find this helps greatly for hyper pigmentation, and deep dark circles.

If you are one that finds you need to use color correctors for your eye area, Benefit’s Erase Paste may be best for you. It’s pinky-peach tone is a great color to camouflage problems areas of the eyes and face. It is super concentrated, creamy, blendable and instantly brightens your eye area. This is an amazing concealer if you are busy, on the go, or have not had enough sleep. Signs of fatigue will be a thing of the past.
Do you have aging skin that has all of the above problems (bags? darkness? lines and wrinkles?)? Then Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Concealer may work for you. Infused with the ever popular Olay Regenerist Serum, and yellow intensive pigments, this concealer does wonders for fine lines and wrinkles and dark circles, while giving your skin a younger, firmer look. What’s special about this concealer is that it transforms from solid to liquid upon contact with skin and instantly makes your eyes look bright and wide-awake.
For African American women, Covergirl’s Queen Collection Natural Hue Concealer is amazing. Because women of color’s under eye circles can appear to look deep and really dark, it’s important to have a concealer that is highly pigmented and covers well, and this does the trick. Available in beautiful shades, this lightweight concealer is great for on the go, and blends wonderfully for all types of skin.

If you need a concealer for not only under your eyes but for other imperfections on the face, Bobbi Brown’s Face Touch Up Stick may be a great choice for you. I love that you can pop this into your bag and use for areas that may need a lot more coverage than other areas, and it’s no bigger than a size of a lipstick tube. It’s great for spot concealing and available in the the most flattering shades for everyone.
Shopping Guide:
1. Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer $22
2. Laura Mercier Secret Concealer $22
3. Benefit Erase Paste $26
4. Cover Girl & Olay Corrector Simply Ageless Makeup Corrector 230 $11.99
5. Cover Girl Queen Collection Natural Hue Concealer $5.79
6. Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick $22

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