Beauty Buzz. Is Jessica Biel Cover Girl Material?

November 10, 2010 • Beauty


Revlon is relaunching their famously femme fatale line Fire and Ice, which was first released back in 1952. The original ad is the epitome of Old Hollywood glamour, boasting a Bond-like beauty that exuded the sexiness and grace of the red hot nail and lipcolor line. Today, with the collection's relauch, the company seemingly wanted to choose a cover girl that embodied that same element of feminine sensuality. Why they would pick, of ALL people, Jessica Biel to be that person is what we're trying to figure out. Biel's beauty is, of course, undeniable—that's not the issue at all. But when Revlon announced the starlet would be becoming a brand ambassador last spring, we weren't alone in thinking she was an odd choice for a cosmetic cover girl. 

4832_WWD_Revlon_160x600_03 Some comments on Bella Sugar when they announced the story last May:

-"I think Jessica Biel is best known for her ridiculous body. She doesn't scream beauty to me, but fitness…hell yeah"

-"I think she's an all around nice looking girl, with a spectacular body. However she doesn't have a beauty face she's pretty plain jane in that way."

-"In the past couple years jessica has not really embraced makeup enough to be considered spokesperson material."

-"I look up to Miss Biel as a fitness goddess of sorts, lol. But like others have mentioned she does not come to mind when I think of beauty and makeup. She's very pretty but she hardly wears makeup or takes risks when she does."

All these comments reiterate the fact that Biel is a great fitness model and has a lovely sense of "natural" beauty but a Fire and Ice seductress? Compared to other Revlon faces Halle Berry and Jessica Alba, she just doesn't measure up. Her face is not one that can hold a lot of heavy makeup. In fact, she just looks kind of drag queen-ish in the ads relased so far, lacking the soft curves and delicate features of the original Fire and Ice model.

What do you think, dear readers: are we bring too harsh or do you agree? Would you run out and buy Revlon's Fire and Ice collection after seeing this ad?

 The new Revlon Fire and Ice collection drops December 1!

-Alia Rajput

Comment Source: Bellasugar

Photo Sources: WWD,,


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