Chicago Events. Furla’s Grand Re-Opening on Oak St.

November 10, 2010 • Events, Shopping


Late last week marked the grand re-opening of Chicago's Furla boutique at 106 East Oak St. A torrential hail storm raged outside but inside, guests mingled cozy and warm in the sleek, revamped space. Owned by the hair stylist extraordinaire and Chicago household name, Charles Ifergan (with whom I had the pleasure to have my hair done this summer), the Furla store as been completely remodeled—from the polished new exterior to the chic, contemporary layout inside.


Every inch of the 1400 square foot store boasted an elegant piece of the Furla Autumn/Winter 2010 handbag collection, and it was amid a particularly covetable group of snakeskin satchels that I found Tomasso Bruso, Furla's CEO. Resplendent in a perfectly tailored suit, Bruso told me right off the bat that the rebirth of the Chicago store was the "right thing to do". He mentioned the retail vacancies of the recent past due to the economic climate, but said things were better now and that the market had re-emerged with a somewhat different clientele. In this new climate, Furla acknowledes that people are shopping in a different way. Now more than ever, Bruso noted, consumers appreciate value and admire a reputable brand and Furla strives to be the brand they come back to.



When I ask him about the current Autumn/Winter collection, Bruso sounds like a proud papa. He says that each line has a mood, and that the current collection is inspired by the traveled woman. It is rich with layers, leather and decadent animal prints to transcend the style of any country. It is classic, timeless and chic. Not only that, Bruso adds, but the Furla aesthetic is ageless is well. Different parts of the collection appeal to different ages and we can't help but agree when Bruso says that Furla is all about sophistication and there is no set age when one starts to embody that sense of grace.


I asked Bruso on what we can look forward to for next season. His face lit up as he described the Furla Spring 2011 collection, themed around candy! He noted it would be vibrant, happy and radiating color. Some of the bags would be made out of the "jelly" material which is seasonally lightweight but incredibly strong. Different materials and textures would be mixed with simple shapes, pops of color and luxe details. It sounds fabulous!

As a final statement, I asked Bruso what the keys to the Furla success was, having weathered the storm of the recession and now emerging with a revamped boutique space and a still solid following. He said the Furla formula of operations is to protect the brand and their client. Every piece in a Furla collection is unique on its own, yet also ties into the larger theme of the line. Their pieces are diversifed but, as Bruso puts it, "keep our DNA". He notes that the company is 83 years old and has passed from generation to generation, but the innovation and ability to stay true to the brand has prevailed. And that, is why we can still enjoy their gorgeous wares today.


Me with Furla's CEO Tomasso Bruso and Mikeya Summerville of iT Factor Agency

Visit the newly re-opened Furla boutique at 106 East Oak St. or shop online at

Photo Source: Second City Style

-Alia Rajput

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