Alexander Wang Knows White Clothes Get Dirty

November 12, 2010 • Fashion


Just like Alber and his models' heels, Alexander Wang knows what it's like to want to be fashionable and not be terrified of the clothes your wearing. 

His spring 2011 collection consists of white and pale pastels, which could be troublesome if you live anywhere but an off-white rubber room. “It's just more risky to wear something like that, in the sense that you don't want to sit down on the subway and things like that,” he explained to NY Mag at his spring collection trunk show at Barneys last night. “How to keep it clean? I don't know. Carry a Tide pen with you?” 

So what would happen if you did *gasp!* get a stain on that dress? Wang has a tip that he abides by. “Why I mixed it up with some rubber and some prints, and if you get a nick on it or a stain on it, you just play it off like it's been there the whole time.”

Hopefully other people who see that stain will believe that too. 

-Taneisha Jordan

Source: NY Mag


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