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November 12, 2010 • Accessories


What's is the first thing you do when you get home ladies? If you answered, "put on a pair of sweats or pajamas!" then routine is pretty similar to mine. A far cry from our daytime glamorous selves, but it sure does feel good when that elastic waistband slides in to replace that restrictive pencil skirt you wore all freaking day. 

I have to say that nothing feels quite as glorious as that moment! But I'm sure you're not alone. Amongst the shadows of the bedroom or the den lurks a husband or boyfriend watching you do this daily routine and thinking to himself, "My God, couldn't she wait another minute before she slips into my ratty tee and those baggy sweat pants? Why does everybody else get to enjoy her looking her best and I get the mismatched fashion plate?"

Are you astonished that your man would actually be thinking this about your "get comfy" routine or has this subject been brought up before and a solution has yet to present itself? Another thing is what women would want to give up the infinite comfort of fuzzy pj's  for another outfit of restrictive clothing – especially at home? 

I refuse to think there is no middle-ground for this dilemma and set out to find a few outfits that would appease both parties. Something comfy for the ladies and something a tad bit sexy for the lads. 

After extensive research, I came up with few options that will for sure be your new favorite standbys in place of Juicy Couture track suit and those fuzzy Christmas tree adorned jammies you received from granny! My go-to formula for the utmost coziness and sexiness consisted of fun and daring cardigans, soft relaxed tees underneath, and snug pair of cords or leggings in a flattering color.

These knockout combinations will surely keep the domestic peace between you and your man but still keeping that blissful moment of when the work clothes come off and the snuggle clothes come on!


 SACAI Contrast Panel Belted Cardigan, $725


Alexander McQueen Ruffled Jersey Tank, $595





VIVIENNE WESTWOOD ANGLOMANIA Glitter Effect Leggings, $287



Antik Batik Bela Crystal-Embellished Suede Boots, $670



Elsa Peretti® Round Drop Earrings, $1,350



Swarovski Dangle Drop Earrings, $48


—Yen Le



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