Latino Fashion Week Event: Structure

November 16, 2010 • Events, Fashion, Fashion Shows


Emcee: Carlos Anaya

It's been a while since I've been back in Boystown and you could tell too since I couldn't find Circuit (the premier night spot around this area) for the death of me! It also doesn't help that despite being in Chicago for 10 years, I still don't know my way around city and I have to carry my GPS at all the times or you might as well declare me lost as soon as I step out of my front door!

Anyways, that's enough talk about my shortcomings, how about we talk about something positive, like the success of Structure last Friday during Latino Fashion Week! One of the most favored events by attendees since it showcases local and international designers' spring lines and everyone gets a great view of clothes without the pretentious air of a stuffier environment. Another great thing about this event was that a part of the proceeds goes to the Center on Halsted.

Inside Circuit

Some of the other elements that made this show truly entertaining and memorable was Carlos Anaya, who the Emcee for the night and Brian Michael, the live salsa singer with an amazing voice. People were having a grand old time laughing while Carlos's cracked jokes in his rapid fire Spanglish and wowed them with his campy cowboy ensemble and fake mustache that flapped every time he talked. I was extremely afraid that a gust of his breath would send the thing flying off onto one of the guest but he quickly ripped if it off before it could happen! 

Maison de LaCour

After the party-goers had their fill of all the wonderful diversions, Carlos started to introduce each of the designers with a short bio before the exquisite pieces started to pour out onto the stage.  The first collection I was super impressed with was the the dark princess/prince collection from Julius LaCourJr.of Maison de LaCour. I savored the sexy frocks paved with sequins and exotic feathers or the see-through dresses with the slashed and deconstructed leather jacket. His menswear line was just as enticing and filled with rocker chic items like drape capes, finely tailored suits and shirts.

Julius_LaCour_Jr_glittery_bustier_Latino_Fashion_Week_Structure_Yen_Le Julius_LaCour_Jr_slashed_leather_Latino_Fashion_Week_Structure_Yen_Le


Maison de LaCour

While Julius had me brooding over my dark side, Back to the Future Swim Couture by Michelle Gomez bewitched back to sunny present with her very retro swim-wear for women and the Papi Underwear collection that set the place ablaze with their snug briefs. Another favorite designer of mine was Jose Jhan Rodriguez, a Dominican designer that showcased off-the-wall 70's inspired mens' outfits that featured: bow-ties, a purple tuxedo, and blazers with quirky patterns

Gutierrez-Marcano_baby_blue_papi_boxers_Latino_Fashion_Week_Structure_Yen_Le All pics 173 Jose_Jhan_Rodriguez_baby_purple_tux_Latino_Fashion_Week_Structure_Yen_Le  Jose_Jhan_Rodriguez_bow-tie_Latino_Fashion_Week_Structure_Yen_Le

Top Left Going Clockwise: Papi Underwear, Back to the Future Swim Couture by Michelle Gomez, and Jose Jhan Rodriguez.

The overall appearance of the whole show was an eclectic mix of wordly fashion at an exquisite level of execution. I couldn't have been more thrilled to have Structure be my first initiation into the Latino Fashion Week. I've been exposed to so many great designers I never knew about and it expanded my supposedly "vast" view of fashion even wider. I have to say that I feel like a newbie again and I love it! Latino Fashion Week, you have a new die-hard fashion follower. 🙂

-Yen Le

Photos: Second City Style

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