A Passport to Design, Fashion Ball

November 17, 2010 • Events, Fashion, Fashion Shows

 Lazaro_Perez_Steve Starr_A-Passport- to-Fashion-Ball_Second_City_Style

Lazaro Perez (Bridal Designer)

Preparing for a black-tie event can wreck havoc on ones' nerves – especially when you're a one woman show and your trying to blow dry your hair and paint your nails at the same time. It would be so much easier if I was a guy since the hardest feat of the night might be whether I wanted to go with the blue tie or the black tie; right? Never mind, my girlfriend picked it out for me! 

Joking aside, I put myself together quite nicely and headed out to biggest night in Latino Fashion week, A Passport to Design, Fashion Ball. As the guest shed their lavish furs coats, capes, and shrugs, I finally received my first glimpse of the glamorous gowns that would be floating around that night and I was stunned by all the beauties.

Cece_Melinda_Steve Starr_A-Passport- to-Fashion-Ball_Second_City_Style

Cece & Melinda

The first knockout duo to enter my line of vision was Cece & Melinda. Cece wore this floor-length sage green gown with asymmetrical pleats along the bust that made her look extreme curvy while Melinda a sharp blue fishtail gown with vent detailing armhole area that looked very modern and sophisticated. Many of the ladies went with the traditionally long and lean silhouettes while the gents look sharp in their tuxedos and fine accessories.

Sin-Cosmetics_Steve Starr_A-Passport- to-Fashion-Ball_Second_City_Style-Yen-Le

Armando & Hernan from Sin Cosmetics

  James-De-Colon_Steve Starr_A-Passport- to-Fashion-Ball_Second_City_Style-Yen-Le

James De Colon and friend.

After everyone had a chance to strike a pose for the camera, we all started to head upstairs for the Award Reception where live music, tasty bites from Chef Stations,  and overflowing cups of sweet sangria were waiting to greet us. My foodie choices for the night were the banana dulce de leche desserts shots that had teeny tiny basters filled with rum so you could inject into the cup or into your mouth and the excellent mango salad that reminded me of summer.

Something else that warmed me completely aside from the food was when the awards were given out to the exemplary contributors and ambassadors of Latino Fashion Week. Every recipient seemed very proud and surprised when they were chosen and a warm applause accompanied each of the short and sweet speeches.

Lazaro_Perez_wedding-gown-Steve Starr_A-Passport- to-Fashion-Ball_Second_City_Style-Yen-Le

Another beautiful Lazaro bridal piece.

Designer_1_Steve Starr_A-Passport- to-Fashion-Ball_Second_City_Style-Yen-Le
John Dunn

Following the festivities of the awards came the long awaited fashion show where models were outfitted in pieces from Lazaro Perez, Jaer Cabon, Carlos Campos, John Dunn, Jose Jhan, Gutierrez-Marcano, and a special floral couture dress from Hector Monarez. There were so many favorites to choose from but I extremely drawn to the tissue-thin blazers from Carlos Campos, the loopy lime-green creations from Jaer Cabon, and the extravagantly adorned bridal dresses from Lazaro, but to be fair, each collection was dazzling and the crowd was delighted by the wide array of delicately crafted creations.

Magaly_triburcio_Steve Starr_A-Passport- to-Fashion-Ball_Second_City_Style-Yen-Le 
Carlos Campos Design

What a tragedy that the show ended so soon, but what's the use of mourning when there will to be another wonderful production next year and the year after? There's no time for a somber face when there was a raging dance party going on downstairs! So I did what any sensible girl would done to celebrate a fantastic fashion show - I kicked off my heels and danced.

-Yen Le

Photos: Steve Starr

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    Thanks Yen! It was great to see you on Saturday! Our Horcaio Nieto gowns were amazing! Hope to see you at Shop IN Chicago on Dec 7th at the Drake Hotel!

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