Five Beauty Tools You Should Never Be Without

November 27, 2010 • Magazine

Five Beauty Tools You Should Never Be Without

Five Beauty Tools You Should Never Be Without

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Kelley Epps Woods

Beauty tools are a must in helping you put your best face forward. From applying foundation or even cleansing your face, the proper tools make the process much easier and assures you the best application. There are several tools that I swear by and they are small enough to take with you wherever you go. They will surely change the way you apply your products. I know they have changed my life!

The application of your foundation is key to a flawless face. So, out with your old sponges and in with an egg shaped sponge. That’s right this little gem is called the Beauty Blender, and it does just that. It applies any kind of foundation whether it is liquid, stick or creme into blended heaven. One of the best tricks when using this sponge is to first spray your favorite face spray and then stipple the product all over your face. A little product will go a long way with the Beauty Blender, and it doesn’t suck up your product like other sponges. This sponge is something you should never be without. 

After you have applied your foundation it’s essential to have great brushes to apply the rest of your makeup. Of all of the brushes I have tried, Sigma Makeup Travel Brushes are perfect for the woman on-the-go. For a reasonable price, these brushes are not only some of the softest I have tried, but it is the functionality of these brushes that make them so great. They have a brush for just about any kind of product or makeup you need to apply to your face.

Brows are in a league of their own. Great brows are a must because they lift, shape and frame the face. Whether brows are thin, over plucked or not full enough there are tools that can help us achieve the perfect brow. Benefits Brow Zings are perfect for keeping brows flawless anywhere you go. For ongoing maintenance, this kit allows you to pluck unruly hairs, as well as fill in with brow color, and hold them in place with brow wax.

After wearing makeup and face products all day, there’s nothing better than washing your face. Which is why I love Clarasonic’s Mia Skin Cleansing System. This little brush is amazing at both cleansing and exfoliating your skin. Accompanied by your favorite face wash, this brush gently scrubs your face with it’s spinning head to a squeaky clean finish. After my very first use there was no way I was going back to my regular routine. 

So what happens when you still get those unsightly pimples or allergenic flare ups? I know I have tried cream blemish spot treatments, facial masks, alcohol and even toothpaste but nothing worked to clear my flare-ups as quickly as I wanted. That was until I tried Zeno’s Hot Spot. At first I was skeptical that placing this gadget on my face would produce anything other than a dot size burn. But let me tell you, after the few minutes I used this on my face I couldn’t believe how quickly my pimple diminished, and by the next day it was virtually gone!/ Its miniature size lets you take it anywhere, which means you will always be prepared at the first sign of any flare up. 

Any of these five beauty tools will make perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season!

Shopping Guide
1. Beauty Blender $19.95 – $25.95 (sponge only)
2. Sigma Beauty Travel Brush Set $59.99
3. Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zing $30
4. Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System $149
5. Zeno Hot Spot $39.99

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