Fur, Lanvin And Andy Warhol: Holiday Wish List 2010

November 27, 2010 • Magazine

Fur, Lanvin And Andy Warhol: Holiday Wish List 2010

Fur, Lanvin And Andy Warhol: Holiday Wish List 2010

Sun, 2000-11-26 23:00

Amanda Aldinger

Here in Chicago we are ready for the holidays. Department store window displays have been installed, downtown is alight with generously strung lights, and Christmas tree retailers have set up shop in vacant lots all across the city. Regardless of the fact that you’ve barely had time to digest Thanksgiving, gift-giving season is upon us and it’s time for you to conjure a few answers to the age-old question of “what do you want for Christmas?” Thankfully, there’s all sorts of gems floating about the universe: the trick is in finding them. Take a look at the items below and get ready for some holiday list-making.

This winter, I’m obsessed with fur. I want it on my feet, around my neck, on my back, and vested over my favorite tunics. If you’re not as fur-crazed as myself, then these first two items will be of little interest, but I definitely can’t wait to be draping myself in these gorgeous (faux) fur duds.

This Deena and Ozzy faux fur eternity scarf from Urban Outfitters is amazing. Not only is it incredibly warm, but it can be warn both down, as a scarf, or wrapped around your neck for a chunkier look — its styling options are limitless. It would look gorgeous wrapped up and worn under with your favorite winter coat — an effortless, and elegant, fur collar — or thrown over your favorite sweater with a string of necklaces. Either way, the fur eternity scarf is a such a fun winter accessory…who doesn’t love cozying up in something glamorous and warm?

Now bear with me, because I said I was having a fur moment, but I’ve been tirelessly searching for the perfect little chubby fur coat for winter — a timeless statement piece that will never go out of style, and that every woman should have (at least!) one of in their closet. With fur, the best way to go is always vintage, but the busy-ness of the holiday season rarely accommodates for the methodical, timely process that is thrift store shopping. So, when I couldn’t thrift, I headed over to Piperlime, where I found this amazing black and gray fur chubby by Ella Moss. A Rachel Zoe pick (and for good reason, ladies) this is an item that should be nestled comfortably at the top of your list. You’ll be basking in its faux fur goodness forever.

What’s a Christmas list if it doesn’t include a few silly, incendiary goodies that you’d never buy yourself, but would cherish eternally? I love kitschy, weird accessories, and will happily don myself in whatever comes my way, but a $300 Karl Lagerfeld rosary isn’t always a practical purchase when there are things like rent, and impending heating bills to think about. Which is why I’ll be slipping this baby right in between practical items like “new towels,” and the ever-ambiguous “cool stuff for my apartment.” Don’t judge me, but this might be one of the most fabulous pieces of jewelry I’ve ever seen…everyone should have a Karl Lagerfeld rosary, right?

Unless you’ve no connection to the outside world, you know that Lanvin for H&M dropped last week, intensifying the stress of holiday shopping by one billion, as women scrambled to get pieces from this truly gorgeous diffusion collection. Once I finally made my way through the crowds, my eyes and heart stopped on his gorgeous tiered red tulle dress — with sheer beige straps, and a golden satin sash, to boot. If this dress would not make you feel like the epitome of a holiday princess at every cocktail party you attend this season, I don’t know what would. I’m just worried that when it’s finally mine, I’ll never take it off.

And finally, no sartorial lifestyle is complete with a tasteful reading list, and who better to consult than the well-connected genius of Andy Warhol? Not only was Mr. Warhol an unparallelled presence in the art world, but he was deeply entrenched within the fashion community as well. Befriending such style icons like Edie Sedgwick, and fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent (of whom he also did a series of color-blocked portraits), his stories are plentiful, and to experience their recounting in this 800-page tome of experiential wonder, is a source of entertainment that will last you all winter long. Or just while you’re hanging out in your fur, wearing your Karl Lagerfeld rosary, and readying yourself for cocktailing in your Lanvin for H&M red tulle dress.

1. Deena & Ozzy Faux Fur Eternity Scarf $34
2. Ella Moss Rocha Jacket $198
3. Karl Lagerfeld Rosary £217.00
4. Lanvin for H&M, Lookbook
5. The Andy Warhol Diaries by Pat Hackett $75.60 paperback

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