Beauty Buzz. Nail Polish Takes Holiday Beauty By Storm

November 30, 2010 • Beauty


The biggest beauty buy this holiday season? Forget gloss, pay no mind to shadows and poo-poo to powder. This season, it's all in the nails!

Insiders in the cosmetics and beauty industries have noted the demand for nail polish has recently surged to the highest levels in memory as the economic slowdown persists. During economic crises in the past, lipstick has typically go-to beauty item for budget-minded women that wanted a splurge. But it seems those days are gone as more and more women are scrambling to get their "hands" on the latest nail technology.

"Demand for nail polish has been phenomenal for more than a year now," said Allen Ash of Almar Sales, a New York-based accessories and cosmetics maker. "It's amazing you don't hear more people talking about it." Industry experts credited the shopping  partly because women are more comfortable wearing a variety of colors on their fingernails and toenails, as opposed to their lips, industry experts said. Last year, nail-polish sales surged 14.3 percent — the only category in beauty products to post a double-digit increase, according to Kline & Co. By comparison, sales of lipstick and lip glosses dropped 5.3 percent in 2009, while cosmetics and toiletries fell 0.8 percent.

And to keep the ball rolling, fragrance company titan Coty said yesterday it's shelling out a whopping $1 billion to snatch up OPI Products, arguably everyone's favorite quirky-titled nail polish brand. OPI was responsible for creating the ever-famous, Chicago tribute "Lincoln Park After Dark" color, a dark purple that's become a mainstay as fall and winter's most used color. So congrats to OPI and let's keep this nail revolution going! 

Article Source: The New York Post

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-Alia Rajput


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