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November 30, 2010 • Shopping, Yahoo


Meet zulily (, my latest obsession. It's like Gilt for babies and kids! This members-only site offers up to 70% off the most unique and sought-after boutique brands. Why shouldn't my son look as stylish as his mommy (who am I fooling? He looks better!)? There are new sales every day so each morning I log on to see what I can find for my son. I'm addicted. I've bought him raingear, clothes, toys, books…you name it!

ZULILY LOGO Co-founded and led by former Blue Nile executive Darrell Cavens, zulily was created to introduce parents to high-quality boutique brands at significant discounts. zulily finds the top names in stylish baby clothes, educational toys, fashionable décor or indulgences for mom. New sales launch daily from favorite brands such as Little Giraffe, Melissa & Doug, Life is good, Baby Nay and Kate Quinn Organics. Members get exclusive access to at least eight new shopping events per day.

Membership is free, simply visit to sign-up and instantly begin saving. Members receive a daily sales e-mail filled with the latest deals.

I recently had the opportunity to meet zulily CEO Darrell Cavens at a launch event in NYC and ask him a few questions.

SCS: So what prompted you to start Zulily?
DC: When my wife and I started shopping for our kids, we realized that it was really hard to find unique and different items. I was seeing the amazing attraction that friends were having to private sale sites and there seemed like there could be a Zulily_baby_nay great opportunity here.  We are online shoppers and as we looked at finding special items for the kids at great prices, there really wasn’t much out there that would help us discover those great brands.

SCS: What do you envision for the site?
DC: We love that customers look forward to opening their daily email every morning to find out what brands we have on the site. That sense of discovery, that they are going to find something new and different, keeps us motivated each day. Our top focus is to find amazing product (and I do mean amazing, we say no to a lot of items) and work with the manufacturers to get great pricing. We invest a lot of time into our photography, and editorial content to make sure we deliver something special every day.

SCS: Who is your perfect customer?
DC: The site appeals to so many different types of customers that it would be hard to choose a “perfect” or “typical” customer. Busy moms and dads log in each day from  all over the country. But, we know from Facebook comments and emails that we also have a lot of grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends who are looking for great gifts and cute outfits to spoil their favorite kids. 

Zulily_kid_kraft SCS: How do you get such low prices? How do you find your brands?
DC: We have an excellent merchant team with many years in the industry and lots of great relationships. We find that there are some brands that may not have the distribution that they would like, and are looking for ways to highlight their products to parents. It’s hard as a vendor to display distinctive and unique items on many sites, especially where you can’t tell the story behind the product. We try to make that storytelling a key part of what we do every day. We also listen to our customer feedback, so sometimes great leads come from zulily members.

SCS: Where do you see Zulily in 5 years?
DC: I am obsessed about building something special, and I think in 5 years we will be continuing to introduce great brands to busy families at amazing values.

Don't forget to join zulily here and start finding great deals for your little ones. I bet you become as addicted as I have.

-Lauren Dimet Waters

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