Off-Topic: Prince William is Attracted to Cheap Looking Dresses

December 1, 2010 • Off-Topic, Yahoo


So, you want to nab a prince? Apparently, this is the "dress" to do it.

Eight years ago, Kate Middleton first caught Prince William's eye by wearing this special little piece on a runway in a student fashion show at St. Andrew's. The dress ( can it seriously be called that?) was designed by fellow student Charlotte Todd for less than $40.

"She looked fabulous and I think she could become a style icon like Princess Diana," Todd told the Daily Mail. "The only person I’d probably give it to is her—maybe in exchange for a wedding invitation. Of course I would love to design her wedding dress too" (Editor's note: Yeah, I bet you would…). Since the announcement of Middleton's enegaement, the price of this … dress value is now £10,000 and could end up at £100,000 if she becomes the Queen of England.

I don't know what about this dress but apparently it says, "I'm not a cheap hooker who makes my own dresses from the Holly Hobby Kit at Michael's, I'm future royalty!" But, if this sheer piece of nonsense can help you become the Queen of England, then sign me up!

-Taneisha Jordan

Source: Daily Mail

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