Vintage Vantage. Things To Look For In Your Vintage Christmas Dress

December 7, 2010 • Yahoo


Angel Cutsforth for Second City Style Magazine

Your Christmas dress should be special and different from what everyone else is wearing. Yeah, you could go for an obscure designer but why not look to the past? Vintage dresses have amazing tailoring and some beautiful details that you just can't find on modern garments.

If there's a time for velvet its Christmas. There are some gorgeous vintage velvet dresses out there from all different decades. My favorites are red velvet cupcake dresses from the 1950's or early 1960's. Think Grace Kelly or Betty Draper.

Lace overlay dresses are on the high street and catwalk again but you can't beat an original. Make sure to check that the lace is in good condition to stop it from disintegrating while you dance the night away. Some of the best are from the 1920s, but the 1950's and 1960's also had some beautiful lace dresses that are better for different body shapes.

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