The Shake Weight…Joke or Genius?

December 9, 2010 • Yahoo

I'll never forget the first time I saw a Shake Weight commercial. I could not believe my eyes and I thought it was an elaborate prank on the television. Over and over again I watched the ads for this weird new exercise equipment and it was only time before Saturday Night Live did their hilarious parody

Last time I went home my mom and I were in Walgreens and we spotted the Shake Weight and being fed up with our pathetic arms, we decided to buy it and take our chances. She had it at home for a while and let it cover dust before she passed it off to me to have. Out of boredom one night I started playing around with the weight and my arms were actually feeling the burn. I did the single arms, the double, the behind the head, each position I felt it somewhere different. 

I've been using the weight for a few weeks and I'm already seeing myself on the road to Michelle Obama arms! As ridiculous as it seems, this thing works. With holiday parties requiring sleeveless dresses and blouses are approaching, jiggly arms are a no-go and the Shake Weight is an easy way to fix it. I shake while I'm watching all my DVR'd shows and I forget I'm doing it!

Work up the guts to buy this wonder weight on their website or at a drugstore for under $20 and get ready to wow with your arms!

-Kat Bremhorst


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