Keep It Under Your Hat

December 11, 2010 • Magazine

Keep It Under Your Hat

Keep It Under Your Hat

Mon, 2000-12-11 08:00

Joseph Ungoco

Are you suddenly drowning in a sea of stylish women in various permutations of the season’s must-have camel coat? Do you suddenly feel like you don’t stand out as much as you did earlier in the season when you first broke free of the tyranny of all-black? Fear not, dear reader tastemaker, you can still salvage your reputation as a fashion first adopter without ditching the trend altogether. How you ask? I’ll tell you the secret, but you have to keep it “under your hat!”

If you’re a casual girl who secretly loves luxury but suddenly feels like every other bohemian girl bought the same slouchy shawl-collared belted camel coat, then reign in your softly curled tresses with a luxe cashmere rolled beanie from Michael Kors. That crazy oversized turtleneck collar Mr. Kors had us all scrambling for a few seasons ago may not fit under your new coat, but this season’s little cap will have you swimming just as deeply in luxury.

Did you opt for this season’s fitted double-breasted version of the camel coat? The one so tight you can just faintly see the pattern of the lace on your La Perla lingerie? Don’t torture yourself with post-Thanksgiving Spanx, just bring all eyes up to your head with a showstopping Dior topper. The oversized newsboy cap is the perfect accent if you skipped the turkey and fixings to sport your vintage newsprint slip dress to that all important holiday cocktail party. If you’re donning this season’s version of le smoking, then top it all off with a top hat. Dior’s version is flatter and broader than a traditional men’s top hat, making sure that you’ll stand out in the crowd.

If your love of color is yearning to break free from the vast fashion world “camel conspiracy,” then bowl your competition over with a brightly colored bowler from Hermes. For his last collection for the venerable French design house, Jean Paul Gaultier sent the chicest of hats accented with the most Parisian of veils – the fascinator – down the runway. You’ll turn heads wherever you go!

If wearing camel has you apoplectic and you can’t get down the block without wanting to run home to the safety of your dozens of black coats, then find your comfort zone in a high design black hat. Dolce and Gabbana‘s suede floral bonnet may resemble a bathing cap to the unfashionable masses, but to your sisters in all black, it’s the crowning glory to a well designed tonal outfit.

For the truly fashion forward among you – you know who you are – the Holy Grail of hats this season is Stefano Pilati‘s wimple, reserved for only the most devout worshipers of high fashion. If you weren’t truly traumatized by your early years in Catholic school (I personally still can’t wear corduroy!) then you were probably already on your mobile to your vendeuse at Yves St. Laurent ordering this uber-chic headdress the minute it hit the runway in Paris. Detractors may wonder if – like Maria in The Sound of Music– you have curlers in your hair, but the high priests of fashion will smile knowingly!

However you decide to customize your camel coat look this season, hold your head high and smile as you rise above the fashion crowd. If the Queen of England can wear a hat every day – even a silly one – and maintain her undeniable dignity, so can you!

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