Brazilian Blowout Could Be Banned

December 13, 2010 • Beauty

Brazilian Blowout

Could the Brazilian Blowout … blow out?

The FDA is about to announce the findings of its investigation for the Brazilian hair straightening products as well as similar products. There have been numerous health complaints over the product since its induction into hair salons around the world. The product which quickly straightens the hair and keeps it that way for months contains formaldehyde, a known carcinogen that is dangerous in a gaseous form.

"Brazilian Blowout is much harsher than other [hair straightening] brands, but other products could be under the gun too," said James Corbett, a stylist at the salon Union Station. He also added that it has been a nice addition to his business. "I am fortunate I have these big windows, and I can open up my doors."

Beauty-industry experts said most of Manhattan's 8,400 hair salons do the treatment, which costs $300 to $600, on average. For some, the popular hair-straightening technique is a primary source of revenue. A ban could force some salons to close.

-Taneisha Jordan

Source: NY Post

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One Response to Brazilian Blowout Could Be Banned

  1. OK hold up. There are several inaccuracies in this post, please allow me to clarify:
    ~Brazilian Blowout is NOT a straightener. It smooths out the cuticle and strengthens the hair, which does drop curl, but it doesn’t break bonds or permanently change the hair.
    ~OSHA tested the air quality during Brazilian Blowout services in 7 different salon settings, and found in ALL cases that the formaldehyde levels were well below their safety standards.
    ~Brazilian Blowout is NOT “harsher” than any true straightener. It doesn’t even straighten very curly hair! It is also not “harsher” than many other smoothing treatments, which can make the hair stiff and brittle, or overly straight.
    If a salon is relying solely on any one treatment to stay open, it has a fool for an owner…

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