A Birkin You Truly CAN Afford!

December 16, 2010 • Yahoo


I don't own a Birkin bag nor do I normally carry canvas bags (except to the gym), but when I saw this, I just had to have one. What a hoot. Truth be told I am probably the only women who doesn't want a real Birkin (and I would never carry a fake). I know they are the truly covetable and beautifully made, but I dislike bags I can't throw over my shoulder and think you are insane if you walk around with your bag hanging open (which is the cool way to carry it). So as much as a snob as I am about bags, you won't find me carrying a Birkin…but this Together bag? It had my name all over it. I love the tongue and cheek anti-status status and humor. Bravo.

Made by Thursday Friday, the Together bag is a canvas tote perfect for groceries, gym clothes, books, and extras. It's fully lined, and the inner patch pocket keeps your keys and phone within reach. Better still, the handles are long enough to throw over your shoulder comfortably. The Birkin image is on all sides of the bag and the bottom even has images of the little feet on the real deal. Very clever. It comes in brown, red (which I have) and blue.

I carried a change of clothes in my Together bag to an event Monday night and entered the room telling my friends I got a Birkin. It was quite the conversation piece. I finally have a Birkin…one I'd want and will actually carry with pride.

 Thursday Friday Together bag $35

– Lauren Dimet Waters

FTC disclosure: Sample received for review

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  1. Susan says:

    Coming from a Birkin lover, I also think these bags are adorable! They look like they’d be perfect for the gym, a carry-on, or an overnight bag! Thanks for the post, I’m definitely checking these out!

  2. wow beautiful bag i like the style,perfect style.

  3. 35$ you can save some 0 to get one of them
    I love them already.
    I will try to order one

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