12 Days of Christmas: Yen Wishes for a Globe-Trotter’s Wardrobe.

December 20, 2010 • Yahoo


Sometimes the best things about my travels are bringing home the exotic fashion. I love telling people where an item came from and how I acquired it. I feel like it gives my wardrobe a quirky personality and a rich history.

I'm kind of sad to say that I won't be partaking in many trips this year, but I feel like it shouldn't hinder me from getting my hands on some worldly threads. Right? So here's a  few of my favorite pieces from far away places that I would love to receive for Christmas.

Chloe Wool-Lined Leather Boots $1195

Nice pair of boots to strut around Italy with while I ask the cute Italian guides where to get the best gelato.

Alexander McQueen Celtic Lace Leggings $210

Great statement piece to go under a subtle rose sheth dress with blinged out jewelry for the night out in the streets of London.


Lousada Heyhoe Houndstooth Scarf £190

A scarf is probably the most useful accesory out there! It can keep you warm on a chilly night and mop the sweat from your brow when you're in the middle of the dessert. A trunk full of these magical pieces are suggested; especially if you're an avid traveler like moi.


Lanvin Faubour Cabas Printed Cotton Tote $690

I can already envision myself stuffing chewy baguettes, worn-out guidebooks, and tacky souvenirs from the crowded French markets into this bag. I also find it handy to have an extra tote around when I'm coming home from a trip if I don't make the weight count for my check-in baggage. 🙂


Poesi Reticulum Necklace $88

A piece jewelry that goes with everything is a must when I'm traveling since I can't bring my whole reportoire of baubles. This necklace from Chicago reminds me of home and keeps me grounded in times of uncertainty; like trying to figure out the Eurotrail system.

That concludes my globe-trotter list of things I would like to acquire worldwide. Even if I can be there to buy it myself, it makes me happy to envision the scene in my head and know that I can have a piece of my dream delivered to my front door without boarding a plane. Happy Holidays everyone and if your lucky enough to travel; have a nice trip!

—Yen Le, Second City Style Fashion Editor


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