Jessica Simpson Is A Billion-Dollar Fashion Powerhouse

December 20, 2010 • Celebrity Style


What do people love about Jessica Simpson? Is it her sweet Southern homegirl personality? Is it that she plays the damsel in distress role quite well? Is it because after one divorce and countless failed relationships we're thrilled to finally see a Jessica Simpson wedding on the horizon?

Call it what you will but the Irresistible pop singer who's dated John Mayer, Adam Levine, Tony Romo, and Dane Cook doesn't need your pity. In fact, there is one thing she cultivates extremely well (and we're not talking about her belting pipes.)


Did you know she is the only celebrity fashion entrepreneur to top $1 billion in annual sales, thanks to her Jessica Simpson fashion and cosmetics ranges (denim, shoes, perfume and more)?

According to AOL, her fashion empire will take in $750 million. Her net worth itself is $100 million and going up.

So what is it that makes Jessica Simpson's lines stand out when there are so many celeb designers and entrepreneurs that are just falling and failing? (Sorry JLo, LC…)

The Texas native plowed her way into the fashion world in 2007 and now has her name in more than 20 fashion categories including shoes, perfume, jeans, lingerie, swimwear, watches, and a sportswear line starting next year.

Here's why her collections are working.

*She's likeable. Camuto Group founder and CEO Vince Camuto calls her the girl next door that has a great brand.  hey relate to her, but still believe she's a style icon.

*She knows what's in, but doesn't go overboard. A couple of years ago when she was first branching out into fashion, I bought a pair of her cork pumps that reminded me of Christian Louboutins (without the red sole of course.) Her shoe collections of every season are always trendy, but never go over-the-top so that it loses its clean look.

*She surrounds herself with people who know fashion and understand her brand. While it's unfortunate that she already sold the global rights to her name to Camuto Group for a fraction of the price it's currently worth, she's still making decisions on her lines.  Simpson and the Camuto group have brought on The Jones Group, Inc. which understands the brand and have been creating sportswear that will complement her already existing Jessica Simpson Jeanwear line. 


*She's sticking to retail and not going to haute couture.  Simpson is going for an audience that adores her and one she understands. Her sportswear line will be for juniors, which is an attitude and personality that Simpson totally relates to. It's also the age that consumes the most Jessica Simpson products because they really look up to the pop sensation and identify with her. Simpson relates to down-to-earth girls who like to flaunt trendy style and so she caters to them rather than trying a tougher high-end luxury audience that may not understand her. She knows her market and she's sticking to it. 

And of course, she's got a beautiful ruby engagement ring to boot! Guess she's no dumb blond after all! Take that Nick Lachey!

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–Simona Kogan

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